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    About us

    Jiangsu Hualun Established in 1992, located in Yangzhou City, Jiangsu PRovince. Currently Hulun Chemical has  four production plants in Yangzhou city,  is our high-tech enterprise, was named  National Advanced Chemical Factory, National Trust Company, TOP Chemistry China by State Chemistry &State Agricultural Dept, also listed as eco-friendly company. We passed ISO9001 quality certificate in 1998, ISO14001 Enviroment management certificate in 2000, OHSMS18001 Health management Certificate in 2003, win the Jiangsu Province Quality Management Certificate in 2007.

    Our company has five subsidiary companies, Hunlun Fortrec Chemical Industry Co.,LTD was joint venture with Singapore Fortrec, Hualun has 75% share. Naroo-Hualun New materials co.,ltd was jont venture with Korea Naroo,which is the 2nd largest coating company in Korea, owning half share. Jiangsu Sk Chemical Co.,LTD was joint venture with Korea SK Chemical, mainly producing PMDA and other fine chemicals, having 50% share. Jiangsu Hualun Galaxy Chemical Commercial Holding CO.,LTD and Yangzhou Hualun Solvents Co.,LTD are wholly owned subsidiary company.

    Our company aromatic solvents  year capacity reaches 250KT, ether acetate year capacity reaches 100KT,COATING RESINS reaches 20KT, becoming PMA,EE,high boiling aromatic solvetns,fine chemicals and cotating resins five big series, main products include resins, PM,PMA, PE,EE,CAC,EB,DBE, aromatics for printing&coating, H2O2 production,  Durene, Naphthalene.

    Many years, we have been devoting to do the cretivity, with our slogan "We do solve it, more than solven" spirit, aiming ro be International leading material supplier.

    Warmly welcome visitors from all over the world to our company, to realize our win-win future!